Environmental Media Association

As I sat in the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank awash in what felt like a green glow of unity, I realized we are at a turning
"Debbie and I were having lunch one day and talking about how we, as EMA , can get involved on a local level and loved the
Here's a set of songs with suitably Green-ish hue -- starting with one by Miley Cyrus because I believe saving the world is even more fun than twerking.
Anna Getty, of the Getty family fame, has devoted much of her life to eating organically, employing eco-friendly practices, and utilizing sustainable, natural products.
Since 1991, The Environmental Media Awards have honored those who use the red hot glare of popular art to further this worthy cause. There will be a lot of big stars there -- all of whom realize that we better make sure we can keep seeing the real stars in the sky.
The star of the hit television show "Weeds", Mary-Louise Parker, handled weeds of different sort Monday. As USA Today reports
The Legacy Award celebrates a vision of bringing environmental messages into entertainment -- television, film and music -- to educate and motivate the public.
Rosario Dawson took home the Futures Award and remembered her days as a child when she had no choice but to compost.