Environmentally friendly

Some activists have touted reusable straws as eco-friendly, but many people in the disability community say plastic straw bans compromise their civil rights.
Here are some tips for going green this holiday season.
Crickets supply as much protein as a cow, but need 25 times less and 300 percent less water.
Reduce, reuse and recycle has become the mantra of socially conscious consumers. Now we need to extend that philosophy to our old clothes.
Eating insects is a hot topic and has been receiving lots of media attention lately which helps spread awareness. But more research needs to be done to develop the insect-rearing processes.
This one might be the worst for environmentalists because it is generally well-known that leaving lights on unnecessarily uses energy, but lights are still frequently on when they don't need to be, such as when you leave a room or during the day.
In the very back of one of the halls of the fashion trade show called MAGIC, I came across an entrepreneur in the footwear section whose enthusiasm made me stop in my tracks. He couldn't have been more happy to share information on how his shoe line was completely different from all of the other exhibitors.
Dana: We often hear the saying that we are limited by our senses. I believe the contrary is the case. If we shift our perspective
Replace your water-demanding lawn with an attractive, environmentally friendly garden; this can be done by a landscaper who makes a reasonable profit and does designs that are specific to each different home or business.
What includes a sprig of mint, a twist of citrus, and packs a real punch in every room of the house? Here's a hint: It's better suited to a spray bottle than a cocktail glass.