So, I'm challenging you right now to be a force for good. It's not about the cake. Who cares about the cake. If you want
Oh yes, women like to be seen as regular angels in women's clothing but we know they can also be the cattiest of cats and bitches from hell. Just like MOTHER NATURE. She is the worst and the best because she's the boss.
Today, I focus on my gratitude list daily. It represents all the things in my life that are worth celebrating. It is not
What other people have and do becomes so much less significant. Comparisons won't matter. And you'll be happier when you are focused on your life, rather than on the lives of others.
We experience a sadness when we can't do what we used to do --or what we think our bodies should be doing. When we see others who are succeeding and we're not, there's often a sense of disappointment, if not anger.
The good news is that we can overcome comparison and the illusion of competition it creates. Here are five ways to do that:
Keeping a "jealousy diary" could change your life.