The person had not been abroad and had no known contact with an infected person. The agency said it may be the first "community spread" case in the U.S.
The coronavirus has killed more than 1,000 people across the globe but there are many reasons why it is spreading so fast.
I had previously written on the vector control benefits of attempting 'functional' extinction of the Aedes aegypti species
Struck with a prolonged and worsening illness, Faith, a 37-year-old Nairobi woman raising her two children, sought help from
Pandemics are back on the agenda for the 2016 G7 Summit, which convenes this week in Ise-Shima Japan. The Group of Seven is expected to further its commitments to global health security.
“Pandemics pose some of the biggest threats in the world to people’s lives and to economies.”
This week, the U.S. government announced our commitment to help 30 countries help themselves to do a better job with health promotion, disease prevention, early detection and rapid response. In a globalized world, everyone's health is intertwined.
Many more lives are still at risk. We must seize the momentum, embrace ambition and move faster to end HIV, TB and malaria as epidemics.
Nutrients are needed for the normal function of the immune response; whether it is to increase the number of cells capable of fighting viruses, produce antibodies and other key mediators or kill other invading pathogens.