World Health Organization epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove told reporters on Wednesday that the virus will spread rapidly if lockdown measures are lifted too quickly.
The bizarre segment neglected to mention Baldwin herself just recovered from COVID-19, which continues to kill thousands of Americans a day.
Swedes say Anders Tegnell deserves all the ink he's getting for the way "he has been standing straight in the frontline" during the crisis.
"The pandemic is only just getting started," warned William Hanage, a professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases at Harvard.
“It is all about how much we just don’t know yet,” warned Dr. Greta Bauer in a new column for The New York Times.
The paper's political coverage of the coronavirus outbreak "has consequences for millions of people," Yale's Gregg Gonsalves wrote.
The University of Chicago’s chief infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon delivered an earnest reality check on the significance of the coronavirus pandemic and the importance of social distancing.
"Without taking drastic measures, the healthy and optimistic among us will doom the vulnerable,” said the University of Chicago's chief epidemiologist.
Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology, ripped the "feckless federal response" in a column for The Washington Post.
The World Health Organization says the deadly Wuhan coronavirus that originated in China is now a “global health emergency”.