All are continuing the research project, working on the ground in Guinea. Until June 2018 at least, they are working with
While policy regarding school exemptions for vaccines and sex education and access to contraceptives may be set, in large
The successful scientific construct of medicine looks dispassionately at a disease, sees how to interrupt the course of the
There are many advantages to thinking about police violence against unarmed citizens as a disease in need of a cure.
There are many facets of police work of which the general population is not aware. It is hard for non-officers to understand what officers experience on a daily basis and what the outcomes of these experiences might be.
Working towards improved health outcomes is an unending endeavor, but we should never hesitate to take a moment to acknowledge how far we've come. Next time you're with your friends or family, think about the diseases or disabilities they never had to suffer from.
The cottage industry in revisionist dietary history -- and make no mistake, it is an industry -- would have us believe that absurd misapplications of advice can be blamed on the advice itself. The dots, and decades, connecting Keys to Karelia, however, paint a very different picture.
But what of the addition of fish to an already quite optimal vegetarian diet? Can we say if human health outcomes are demonstrably
A new study challenges the notion that collision injuries are the biggest threat for Major League Baseball catchers.
In summary, then, the wisest (and/or most knowledgeable) people examining the issue of breast cancer screening are rather
A new study harnesses college students' cell phone mania to track the spread of illness.
I'm not saying we are wrong. In fact, we may all be right, about everything. But we are all right about disparate and seemingly-competing bits of the same, whole truth. The result is that nobody can see that whole truth.
The theory that abortion increases a woman's risk of breast cancer was debunked long ago. Why then does the claim still appear from bumper stickers to Crisis Pregnancy Centers to the Internet?
The only measures of energy balance I apply to myself are: Do my clothes fit? Can I do the same number of chin-ups and pull-ups as yesterday? I don't care how many calories I ate yesterday, and it doesn't matter if my elliptical erred high, low, or was spot on.