Here's how Christians in 12 countries celebrated Epiphany.
Herod was full of bluster and deeply afraid. In his power and riches, he feared that this newborn demand for justice, peace
It’s the day the Magi visited Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
I got the news no one wants after my first ever mammogram at age forty and subsequent biopsy: breast cancer. I cried. And then something amazing happened: I dealt with it. And then something even more amazing happened: I grew exponentially.
What is the point of understanding the process of Jesus taking into himself the Christ you may ask? Isn't it simpler and easier just to worship the one being and be done with it? In fact why even differentiate between God, the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit?
In an epiphany moment, I've suddenly realized, that I'm the same as you in that way. For I too, live my life, on my own terms
Here are three main reasons for Christians to wonder during this season of Epiphany: In Matthew, we read the well-known story
It's the day the Magi visited Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Step aside, Magi.
As rigorous debates surround the ethics and oversight of foreign assistance endeavors, one of the more innovative contributions to this important conversation was produced by South Africa's renowned theologian, the late Steve de Gruchy.
Development and upbringing are a collective effort, not just someone's. Everyone should ask himself or herself who I am and
As we race towards Christmas, our political climate puts us in danger of forgetting the radical significance of Jesus' birth.
But when your mind is relatively clear and quiet, your own common sense and wisdom will prove a reliable guide as to how much you can usefully take on at any given time. And the best news of all is that clarity and peace of mind is never more than one thought away...
"Kilimanjaro." The five syllables were bulky and unfamiliar, but slinked off of my tongue as if eager to escape my oily lips.