Episcopal Church

Albany’s Episcopal Bishop William Love is refusing to let lesbian and gay couples marry in his diocese's churches — flouting a resolution made by his progressive denomination.
"For a moment we were actually together, organized around love,” Curry said.
We have the opportunity to reframe this situation, reclaim our country’s moral compass and rewrite history.
The defeat in the Senate of the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act was a major victory — one brought about through
Women ministers are making dramatic strides in achieving equal pay with male clergy. The gender pay gap shrunk from women
The great irony of our current religious moment is that the once marginal groups that flourished as a result of the original
The inaugural prayer service, a tradition since FDR's inauguration in 1933, will go on as usual despite fierce protests from the many Episcopalians who regard such normalization of the president-elect to be at best a foolish mistake and at worst a desecration of sacred space.
Donald Trump was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple. Tonight, Hillary Clinton hit a triple. Triples are harder
No one has been 'worthy' to receive communion, no one has been prepared for it. At this point, all merits, all righteousness
That Bill Cunningham's funeral service was held at St. Thomas More's Church put a wistful smile on my face. For to my late mother at least, of the several classy East side Roman Catholic churches in New York City, Thomas More was the classiest.