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This exclusive clip gives you a look inside the new EPIX spy series.
Poehler and fellow SNL alumni Tina Fey have a new project in their rich tenure of collaborations: Sisters, a comedy film
No matter how much talent a professional coach has on his roster or a player has in his God-given gene pool, there's nothing that compares to preparation through practice, even if the ticket-buying public thinks they can just roll out the balls and play. Now picture the life of a stand-up comic.
Comedian Jim Norton stops by HuffPost Live to talk about political correctness in comedy
It is a testament to the considerable filmmaking skills of Kristina Borjesson that the TWA 800 documentary she produced had me actually paying attention to Thomas Stalcup, believing for some of the 90 minutes I watched the program that he actually had discovered something new.
One of the special things about Poull Brien's new documentary on singer Charles Bradley is that it doesn't sugarcoat the story it has to tell. When Bradley's debut album, No Time for Dreaming, came out in January of 2011, it was a fairytale moment in music history.
Sept 4 (Reuters) - Amazon Inc and Epix struck a deal that adds about 3,000 movies to Amazon's video streaming library, ramping
Apple has been stymied for much of the past year in securing marquee Hollywood content. Talks with EPIX are in the preliminary
The man simply doesn't know how to slow down. As Lee says in With Great Power about being the impresario of today's comic book cinema: "I'm having fun! Don't punish me by making me retire."
Exotic locations, fast cars, beautiful women, and crazy gadgets are the excitements in today's cinematic thrillers -- whether they be spy-oriented, crime adventure, or a suspense mystery.
Here's my favorite feature. Viewers can watch a movie with up to 4 of their friends, even if that friend is not an Epix subscriber. Movie watchers can type messages to each other while watching allowing an almost couch-like experience.
We recently wrote about Epix, the movie and entertainment streaming network that works across your TV, computer, and mobile