equal employment opportunity commission

The lawsuit said the officer presented a letter from his health care provider showing that his HIV status should not disqualify him from employment.
Being required to get vaccinated for work could be the deciding factor for the many Americans who have expressed skepticism of it.
On Thursday, three people filed a complaint on behalf of current, former and prospective Facebook employees detailing alleged discrimination at the company.
The agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission follows an investigation sparked by a former employee's scathing blog post.
The EEOC found that seven companies — including Capital One — used discriminatory Facebook tools to hide ads from women and older users, a union group announced.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission doesn't want to require large employers to provide data on pay detailed by race, gender.
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cites the phrase President Trump recently used against four congresswomen as workplace harassment.
Federal officials alleged that workers who lost their jobs at the SLS South Beach were victims of racial discrimination.
It doesn’t matter who compiled the list of sexual misconduct allegations in media. It matters that she had to.
And the price is often steepest for the women who can least afford it.