equal rights amendment

Human Rights Campaign, ACLU told GLAAD to quit its “dangerous” push for an LGBTQ constitutional amendment.
The comedian emphasized that a constitutional amendment would be safe from Donald Trump.
"The Orange is the New Black" actress will portray the first black woman in Congress in the series about the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.
The actress spoke Tuesday at the House’s first meeting on the Equal Rights Amendment in 36 years.
Michelle Sutherland was recreating Virginia’s state flag, which features a goddess' exposed breast, when she was arrested for indecent exposure.
The actress talks about equal rights for women, the future of Me Too and tensions with Rose McGowan.
"We just captured the House, and now we’re going to show what we’re going to do with it," the star congresswoman told the crowd.
Illinois is the 37th state to approve the amendment. Ratification by just one more state could get it added to the U.S. Constitution.
For decades, women have been fighting for an equal rights amendment. Gun owners, mostly men, have had the Second Amendment for centuries.
Controversial think pieces aren't the enemy. The real foe of the Me Too movement hasn’t even arrived yet.
only two more states are needed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
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When it came to politics, my grandfather was the one who got me excited about the subject. I used to sit at his feet and
The original push to pass the ERA fell just three states short.
We must now join together in the deep, long-term work of moving our culture forward.