The hackers stole the names, Social Security numbers and other personal information of tens of millions of Americans from the credit reporting agency's database.
Notorious credit-monitoring companies might be able to weasel their way into the mortgage industry.
“Did someone forget to do the math?” a commenter asked after the Federal Trade Commission warned that people would likely not get the promised payouts.
147 million people whose data was breached are eligible for five potential benefits, including money.
The largest-ever settlement for a data breach draws to a close multiple probes into the credit-reporting company.
More than 1 million kids were victims of identity theft last year.
They decided to pass a bill that could boost the financial fortunes of credit reporting firms.
The legislation would give credit monitoring companies an edge in the mortgage business.
A provision benefiting veterans has gotten less beneficial, according to a Democratic senator.
The company's shares were down 2 percent on Thursday.
Trump's new CFPB chief has not ordered subpoenas against Equifax or sought sworn testimony from executives. The CFPB has also shelved plans for on-the-ground tests of how Equifax protects data.
Equifax would have paid $1.5 billion in penalties for its data breach last summer if this proposed legislation had been in effect.
Remembering Equifax, Uber and all the other data breaches of the last year.
Changes are afoot. Here's how to get ahead of them.
The hacking of Equifax left millions of Americans exposed, but Nikhil Reddy suggests it could have been prevented if we updated some old systems.
Amanda Werner used humor to highlight the way that forced arbitration impacts average Americans -- and went viral.
“I want to share my story and make people aware that this can happen to anybody.”