equine therapy

She observed that horses that have been abandoned, sold for slaughter, mistreated or simply neglected had their own form
The Festival also does an Oscar-style awards ceremony called the "Winnie Awards" and this year it's being held at the incredible
For many people who have horses in their life the power of this interspecies relationship is unquestionable. It is now my
Actually there is another kind of happiness that does not come from material things but comes spontaneously from inside us
Twenty years ago as I began to gather research that would eventually form the basis of my book, Riding Home - The Power of Horses to Heal, I had my first eyewitness exposure to the psychological impact a horse can have on a human.
Horses don't care who you are, what you've done, or what you believe. They care only about how you behave with them. This enables them to give unconditional acceptance to a troubled teen who is revealing his or her true self.
After the explosion, Cody drove fast and never stopped. He said he didn't know how many bodies he hit--men, women, kids, animals. When all the vehicles got to FOB Cheyenne, it was hideous. There were guts, body parts, and blood from the people he hit covering the front of his truck.
Horses don't see a child with autism. They see a child. Autistic children know this, and it feels good to them. In order for anyone, autistic or otherwise, to grow, heal, and have positive relationships with others, they must first have a positive relationship with themselves.