A piece of effective staging, or a novel set change, can make stretches of dialogue redundant--and a wise playwright will
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Some animals seem more expressive than others. Some have physiques that inspire artists more than others. To me, one of the most impressive mammals can not only be seen throughout the animal kingdom, but throughout popular culture as well.
For more Daniel Radcliffe (and more Daniel Radcliffe nudity), check out "What If," a romantic comedy exploring the line between
Having seen it again, I can report that it's every bit as lively, as thoroughly hilarious and as consistently heart-tugging here as it was there, if not that much better for the cast members having enriched their performances while working at them longer.
A troubled teenager blinds three horses in a stable. A prosecutor plea-bargains treatment for jail time by calling in a favor with a child psychologist. At the end, both men undergo a catharsis. For the patient, presumably, it's a breakthrough. For the doctor, we're not so sure.
Daniel Radcliffe is out to prove something, and he's doing a bang-up job of it. Set for life as the #1 Harry Potter alumnus
Daniel Radcliffe is, in fact, not just very nice, and very polite, and very hard-working, and very bright. He is also, I can finally tell him, and do, over a glass of wine for me, and a glass of water for him, at the drinks after the screening, a very good actor indeed.
Givati's last few months could be characterized by the vibrantly colorful paintings he stayed up nights to create, each displaying symbolic images reflecting the inner workings of a troubled mind.
Gore Vidal was so handsome I was stunned. His lips were thick and his eyes lingered as he spoke. There was a lazy sensuality
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Playwright William Inge wrote the original screenplay about a Navy serviceman who returns to his small town, Maple Grove
EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. -- "Equus" rides again at the John Drew Theater at Guild Hall here this summer. Clip-clip, clip-clop, whinny
Thinking about an e-reader? The Amazon Kindle is coming to Best Buy and the Barnes & Noble Nook will be available at Target
2008-11-26-zohnpull.jpg Jerry was one of the legends of New York, not just the theater world, but the whole world of culture.
2008-09-26-Equus1475rC.ROSEGGpull.jpg It's the perfect thing to see in an age when religion, sex, justice and love are all already mixed up in our minds for entirely different, national reasons.
-or- Scroll for a look at the full poster That's not much of a reason. The real story? Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe
I know how Miley feels. I too was a little embarrassed by my recent topless "scandal" and the subsequent parodies, but I am an adult woman.
When the final book in the Harry Potter series came out last summer, a stretch of Mercer Street in Lower Manhattan was closed