The "Twin Peaks" and "Eraserhead" director, who has released surreal weather reports on YouTube since May, opted for a noticeable statement this week.
John Malkovich recreates a scene from "Eraserhead."
JR: With all the diverse roles that you've done-- in commercials, TV series, movies-- was there a role that you just simply
It's hard to remember a time when David Lynch wasn't a master of creepy filmmaking. But everyone has a first time, and Lynch’s
The images in his artwork are ambiguous, presenting narratives that erode before your eyes. Small-town scenarios like going
Photographer Alex Prager is known for her cinematic intensity, combining the best elements of film noir, 70's retro fashion
Experimental auteur David Lynch released the first single from his upcoming electronic album Crazy Clown Time, and boy is
Turgid and uneventful, Goodbye Solo is another under-paced, under-dramatized film that falls into "neo-neo-realism" category.
This concert will be about the music, but its statement of solidarity and support for upliftment in education could be the beginning of yet another American wave of consciousness raising.