The average office chair height is not designed for a petite person. Ergonomics can help you avoid chronic pain.
We were very skeptical of the claim "setup The Edge Desk in under 30 seconds" - but as the video shows, it is true. The Edge
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As technology frees us up from a set work location, workplace ergonomics are starting to look a little different. While product designers once had to optimize one set work location for optimal ergonomic postures, technology now is driving us to different postures in many places throughout the workplace and beyond.
All over the world people sit down at their desks. They may not be aware that the way they are sitting has a name, and that name is: turtle posture.
With so many holidays, it's one of the busiest and most enjoyable times of the year, but the cold weather and long nights can lead to all kinds of mental and physical health issues. That's why it's important to pay extra attention to your health over winter.
Nederkoorn named his creation the Standesk 2200. Check out the comments in Nederkoorn's blog for more pictures of followers
According to medical studies, our efforts to alter the workplace to avoid back pain have been scrutinized by evidence-based medicine and found to be largely ineffective. The reason is because the causes of back pain are so varied person to person.
Standing desks and reminders to take more breaks serve as palliatives to the potentially harmful effects of sedentary desk jobs, but they do not fundamentally alter the unhealthy nature of this kind of work.
Is it possible that trying to be innovative has really turned your company or department in the other direction and caused Inefficiencies?
There's no doubt that gardening can be tough on an aging body. Garden work often requires a lot of repetitive stooping, squatting, kneeling, gripping and lifting, which can lead to back and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and various other injuries.
Stop being a passive victim of your workspace! Here are some simple tips for making your desk a sanctuary of calm, productivity and happiness.
Mark Morford is an award-winning columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate, the author of The Daring Spectacle: Adventures
Given what we know about depression, mental illness, and the potential economic vitality of a healthy, active aging population, there is one solution that can "move the needle": the age-friendly workplace.
Whether it's ergonomic trainings, midday yoga classes, or simply the proper tools, our nation's manufacturing, agriculture, and construction industries can benefit substantially by instituting these policies. A healthy workspace shouldn't be constrained to the office any longer.
One of the great struggles of any creative profession is coming up with an ingenious and original idea in a timely manner. Lightning strikes of inspiration are often few and far between, which makes it hard to convince people to give you money for your ideas.
If you are chained to a desk, there are several purchases you might want to consider to minimize risks to your general health as well as the stresses and strains from work-related overuse injuries. The theme? One size does not fit all.
Here's proof that stress-free "zen" living doesn't always mean minimalism.