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The migrants being transported from the Southern U.S. border by Republican governors are straining the city's finances.
“She said I’m messing with homeless people ... One should be happy if someone wants to make love to them,” said the New York City mayor, chuckling.
The mayor's executive order suspends longstanding shelter guarantees for families with children as the city braces for an influx of migrants.
“My heart goes out to Jordan’s family, who is suffering great pain and uncertainty about the circumstances of his death,” the former police officer said Wednesday.
Around the same time the mayor made his statement to THE CITY, NYPD arrested a photojournalist and others in a violent crackdown at a vigil at the subway stop where Jordan Neely died.
Rat reps at three U.S. zoos are showing visitors how the rodents can be trained to combat wildlife trafficking, detect diseases and perform other useful tasks.
New York City officials have unveiled three new high-tech policing devices including a robotic dog that critics called creepy when it first joined the police pack 2 1/2 years ago.
The ex-president departed Florida in his private plane while the nation’s largest city bolstered security ahead of his expected booking and arraignment.
The "Last Week Tonight" host brought out the receipts as he educated the mayor about one city agency's choice of words.
The mayor said he wants shop owners to ask people to take off face masks before entering their stores in an attempt to prevent shoplifting and robberies.