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Scott Weiland fans watched with bated breath, hoping the 58th Grammys would show some appreciation for the late rock star, singer/songwriter, and frontman of two of rock and roll's most successful bands of the '90s and turn of the century.
David Justice and Eric Benet took to Twitter to voice their opinions of Berry.
This week our playlist includes music by Cowboy Junkies, Sufjan Stevens, Muse, Judy Garland, Salt 'N' Pepa, Bob Schneider and more.
Eric Benet is feeling the heat from fans and some new enemies after dropping controversial song, “Redbone Girl,” playing
Eric Benét's The One will be released on June 5 and has already spawned a hit single in "Real Love," and its follow-up "Harriett Jones" was the #1 added song to urban AC radio last week. The album also features appearances by Lil Wayne and Shaggy.
Eric Benet is a mellow man. With two days of sleepless nights resting on his shoulders, the Milwaukee, Wisc., native should
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Back when Eric Benet dated Halle Berry -- there were rumblings that his friends had a "scary" nickname for the actress based
While Halle Berry seems to be getting serious with Olivier Martinez, her ex-husband Eric Benet has done some settling down
"When I listen to music today, it feels like there is a lot of soul missing in soul and R&B music. I think technology, in a lot of ways, has become a crutch for people who really aren't as talented as they appear to be," Benét said.
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