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“You know, people are hurting,” Eric Cantor admitted last month, shortly after his humiliating defeat in a Virginia Republican
“You know, people are hurting,” Eric Cantor admitted last month, shortly after his humiliating defeat in a Virginia Republican
The great hullabaloo in Washington about the primary defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is producing entirely too much analysis, most of it ill-conceived.
House Republicans chose Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as their new majority leader on Thursday, a week after Rep. Eric Cantor said he would resign from the post following his primary defeat in Virginia's 7th district.
McCarthy, who until now held the third most powerful post in GOP leadership as the majority whip, won his seat after a secret
"They were talking mostly about the criteria for bringing bills to the floor -- is it because the Republican conference wants
One interesting issue to come out of Cantor's totally unexpected defeat is the feasibility -- or lack thereof -- of the delicate dance the majority leader tried to do: snuggle up real close to business and especially, in Cantor's case, financial markets on the one hand, and claim far right street cred on the other.
Ingraham appeared on the program shortly after Cantor's interview, and said his loss was "a win for grassroots activists
Bash asked Cantor about comments by his pollster, John McLaughlin, whose surveys predicted a win for the majority leader
Everyone is still analyzing what the surprising primary loss of Eric Cantor means for the Republican party and American politics
While pundits may argue about why Cantor lost, they are in agreement that no one could have seen this coming. Democrats weren't paying attention to a Republican primary in a Republican safe district.
The Texas Republican has already been lobbying colleagues for their support, and some have said they could back him in return
"After much encouragement from my colleagues, conversations with my family, and many prayers, I have decided to remain Conference
Brat defeated Cantor, the second most powerful Republican in the House, despite being heavily outspent. It's the first time
The expected right-wing electoral bogeymen had begun to diminish. Obamacare was working, climate change was everywhere, gay marriage was yesterday's fight. Something new was needed. The Tea Party, we fearlessly predict, will turn to "amnesty" and try to broaden the argument.
"An almost unprecedented defeat" — Time Here are some of our favorites. "One of the most stunning primary election upsets
Cantor wanted to restore primaries and get rid of conventions to protect his allies in the state, as well as his own seat
In very public and dramatic fashion, Cantor backed out of budget talks with Vice President Joe Biden. Then, when Obama and
"I've been a conservative my whole life," he added. "There's nothing hard right or far right about anything. I just believe