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"After Dave Brat's upset victory in June, many analysts accused Eric Cantor of paying more attention to Wall Street than
“You know, people are hurting,” Eric Cantor admitted last month, shortly after his humiliating defeat in a Virginia Republican
“You know, people are hurting,” Eric Cantor admitted last month, shortly after his humiliating defeat in a Virginia Republican
House Republicans chose Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as their new majority leader on Thursday, a week after Rep. Eric Cantor said he would resign from the post following his primary defeat in Virginia's 7th district.
McCarthy, who until now held the third most powerful post in GOP leadership as the majority whip, won his seat after a secret
Everyone is still analyzing what the surprising primary loss of Eric Cantor means for the Republican party and American politics
"He's too liberal?" Stewart said after dramatically rubbing his eyes. "I imagine you could've said Eric Cantor was too liberal
"I think it's a mistake to try to paint it and decide that one issue decided this," Paul said on a call with reporters hosted
To see a candidate taking on an incumbent with an astronomical cash advantage, running on a platform in part opposed to money's influence in the political system, and win is an amazing thing in this day and age. Maybe this is the beginning of a trend in both parties.
If you were worried that we wouldn't be treated to an epic disaster movie this year, stop. Thanks to Eric Cantor -- well
"One of the disadvantages of being a leader is you have to travel all over the country," said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). "That
"All the investment banks up in New York and D.C. or whatever, those guys should've gone to jail," Brat told fellow Tea Partiers
"After much encouragement from my colleagues, conversations with my family, and many prayers, I have decided to remain Conference
Brat defeated Cantor, the second most powerful Republican in the House, despite being heavily outspent. It's the first time
But the survey by PPP -- which polled 488 voters and has a margin of error of nearly 5 percentage points -- says that most
In very public and dramatic fashion, Cantor backed out of budget talks with Vice President Joe Biden. Then, when Obama and
"I've been a conservative my whole life," he added. "There's nothing hard right or far right about anything. I just believe
He's a real stickler for attendance. According to the course outline for a class he taught in 2004, he required his students
More than any other Republican leader, Cantor was aggressively committed to the strategy of all-out opposition to President
In a bit of a preview of what was to come, the incumbent chairman of the congressional district's local Republican Party