eric casebolt

The viral video of the incident sparked national backlash.
Eric Casebolt was put on leave after the incident and has since resigned from his job.
Anyway, yeah, it looks brutal. It makes your gut reaction -- your initial reaction is to just "Get off that baby girl." That
One of the more difficult things to do, for many of us at least, is to react in the moment, when injustice is occurring right in front our eyes, but in a way that does not directly affect us. The "safe" thing to do is avoid the conflict, to get away and certainly not get involved. However, there are times when the safe thing to do is not the right thing to do.
The post has since been deleted. The post continues, "I’m sure their parents are just as guilty for not knowing what their
America is a deeply divided nation. While the outcry against events in places like Ferguson, Cleveland, Staten Island, Baltimore, and now McKinney, is loud and clear and a patchwork quilt of protest is growing (Black Lives Matter), a great many white people refuse to attribute any of it to racism.
Bishkin said Casebolt's actions were attempts "to gather information," and noted that in addition to putting handcuffs on
A lawyer representing the Texas police officer who threw a black girl to the ground and waved a gun at other teenagers during a pool party has defended her client, saying the video “depicts only a small part” of his actions that day.
The McKinney incident was but the latest in an ever-growing string of caught-on-tape (although we don't use tape anymore) acts of police violence and webcast or broadcast to the world by average people using smartphones.
It seems that Black kids enjoying their teenage years is now becoming illegal. White America has always had an irrational fear of Black displays of emotion regardless of how they manifest, whether through joy, pain or anger.