eric clapton

While both men have criticized vaccines, neither mentioned COVID during the fundraiser for Kennedy's Democratic presidential primary campaign.
The guitarist, who is British, previously railed against COVID-19 vaccine mandates on a podcast with the U.S. presidential candidate and conspiracy theorist.
The Ukrainian president told CNN that working out to rock music early in the morning “gives you energy for all the day.”
The anti-lockdown guitar legend was warned he could “substantially delay his full recovery” if he continues touring.
“I reserve the right to cancel the show.” Eric Clapton declared he would not perform at venues where COVID-19 vaccines are required, defying Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s vaccination order.
The legendary rocker and known vaccine skeptic embraced the widely debunked theory and slammed the media in a bizarre interview.
“What’s wrong with this picture?” Cray asked himself when he saw Clapton posing with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. "Why are you doing this?"
The rock icon put his money where his misguided mouth is with donations to Jam for Freedom.
The “Layla” singer performed a show at a New Orleans venue that required proof of one shot. He had said he would not play anywhere with such restrictions.
“I can’t take this BS any longer. It’s gone far enough,” Clapton sings in the new song.