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The rock icon put his money where his misguided mouth is with donations to Jam for Freedom.
The “Layla” singer performed a show at a New Orleans venue that required proof of one shot. He had said he would not play anywhere with such restrictions.
“I can’t take this BS any longer. It’s gone far enough,” Clapton sings in the new song.
The guitarist disagrees with Clapton's opposition to vaccine mandates at concert venues: “Anti-vax people, I’m sorry, I think they’re fruitcakes.”
“I reserve the right to cancel the show.” Eric Clapton declared he would not perform at venues where COVID-19 vaccines are required, defying Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s vaccination order.
"I reserve the right to cancel the show," the "Tears in Heaven" singer wrote in defiance of Boris Johnson's vaccination order.
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If musicians, producers, engineers, and arrangers ran the joint - with a bass player in charge, The Rock and Roll Hall of
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