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"This mailer ... affords [the] prosecutor an avenue to reach and taint [the] jury pool," Weinstein wrote. The court documents
The manhunt, with drew a large police force to the rural area, frightened residents as there were numerous reported sightings
In the past 12 months, Americans have met violent death at the hands of spree killers, haters of law enforcement, disturbed
The Canadensis man is scheduled for a Jan. 5 preliminary hearing after being on the run for seven weeks. Douglass has posted
The funds went mostly toward paying overtime and benefits for troopers hunting Eric Matthew Frein over the 48 days of the
Prosecutors also dropped one of two charges of attempted homicide for the shooting of Douglass, according to WNEP. This is
Frein told authorities he used unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the Internet, according to court documents, raising
I admit there is a lot that I don't know about the capture of Frein, however, what I do know is that a young black man, in South Carolina, was asked to show his driver's license to an officer and was shot several times.
(Reuters) - The sister of the survivalist who eluded a 48-day manhunt in the mountains of Pennsylvania until his capture
Authorities ultimately placed Frein in Dickson's handcuffs, before transporting him in the slain trooper's squad car to the
Investigators say they believe Frein fled on foot. During the course of the manhunt there were numerous reported sightings
"Got a shot around 11 p.m. and took it. He dropped. I was surprised at how quick. I took a follow-up shot on his head, neck
The crowdfunding idea came from the daughter of a former coworker, Tully said. "I'm overwhelmed with the support from the
Pennsylvania State Police wouldn't comment, but said Tully should file a complaint if he feels he's been wronged. It's no
But they haven't found Frein. Each week, the manhunt in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountain region costs law enforcement agencies
The dragnet for Eric Frein, 31, led authorities in wooded Barrett Township, Pennsylvania, to ban trick-or-treating and to
He is still out there--three weeks now. Hiding in a glen filled with moss and night. Or caught in that bear den. No warm fires. No shots anywhere. Just out there hugging the barrel of a cold AK47.
I do not carry automatic weapons in the woods. I do not feel as a sportsman they are necessary for survival. Skill is necessary, civilization is also necessary if we are to live in peacetime again. FREIN knows otherwise.
Video shows accused cop killer, Eric Frein, in war reenactment
"We are pushing him hard, he is no longer safe and I am confident that he will be apprehended," State Police Lt. Col. George