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Officials have reportedly discussed clearing out encampments and moving homeless people into government-run facilities, according to one report.
The violent incident, which took place at Las Perlas, was caught on video.
Michel Moore hopes the initiative will help to cut back the city's homeless population, which jumped by 16% over the past year.
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti released a plan for the country's second-largest city to be carbon neutral by 2050.
He made the announcement in front of L.A. City Hall following months of speculation.
Los Angeles, Houston, Tampa and more are making it that much easier for voters to get to the polls.
"We will take action even if Washington doesn’t," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said at the Global Climate Action Summit.
The name change, from Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard, commemorates the legacy of the 44th president, the city's mayor said.
Bike share in downtown L.A., a construction boom, thriving walkable and bikeable neighborhoods like the Historic Core and
Angelenos face a blizzard of ballot measures, but ratepayers with persistent billing problems at LA's Department of Water
La Kretz is L.A.'s HP Garage. To borrow an overused term from a highly disruptive technology to describe LACI and La Kretz
With all the boundless coverage of the 2016 Presidential Super Bowl battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we know the last thing you want to think about is the 2018 election. But the cold hard reality is that there's another election cycle coming down the pike, and it'll be here before we know it.
According to Wolfson's City Council file, which contains an overkill list of every speech he says he ever created or delivered
Except one of the photos was of the Oakland Raiders' Super Bowl XV victory....which took place in New Orleans. You can understand
Willie Williams, the police chief brought in from Philadelphia to take over the Los Angeles Police Department in 1992, died Tuesday night of pancreatic cancer at his home in Georgia. He was 72.