eric garner grand jury

To the average person looking at the simple facts of the case, there was enough evidence in each of these cases to proceed with a trial. And yet, here we are, shaking our heads, wondering how the pursuit of justice was thwarted yet again.
Recently, Nas has been very vocal about his social views. After last week's church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina
Grady raised fears that releasing the records could mean witnesses being targeted for their testimony. Justice Leonard Austin
“I would just like to see something done,” she added. Donovan had no comment Tuesday on the ongoing effort to release the
James was also in the courtroom Thursday. Brinckerhoff, however, countered that all of the petitioners in court Thursday
“It's the NBA's concern. They have kids. They could be in their car and be profiled. So of course we're going to speak up
Garner’s mother, widow and daughter attended a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event Monday at the National Action Network headquarters
In a video that eventually captured the world’s attention, a white NYPD officer named Daniel Pantaleo can be seen putting
Mayor de Blasio never ran for Mayor of the City on an "anti-police" platform; once elected, Mayor de Blasio has never thrown police officers under the bus; and Mayor de Blasio most certainly does not have blood of the fallen officers on his hands.
Daniel Donovan, the Staten Island district attorney who failed to convince a grand jury to bring charges against the police
“Sure, there are some matters that should legitimately be kept secret,” Lieberman continued, “but the lion’s share of what
Captured on video, Garner's repeated cries of "I can't breathe!" as Pantaleo holds him by his neck have become a slogan for
While media coverage has focused on the growing discontent over race/police relations in this country, the decisions also shed an important light on the prejudice inherent in this country's grand jury proceedings. I'm speaking from a procedural perspective.
Already, the evidence is pouring in that police body cameras are helpful for police and civilians. When police officers are accountable to a video camera monitoring them, it appears to make a big change in their behavior.
Many at Thursday’s protest called for Bratton to be fired over his embrace of broken windows. Critics note, however, that
The walkout was planned by the Congressional Black Associates, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Staff Association
Just as no person of good faith denies the extraordinary challenges and heroisms of being a police officer, no person willing to listen should ignore the times we shield our eyes, hurrying past a police officer demeaning and humiliating someone, usually poorer and too often a person of color.
The current concerns over police relations in America have been an ongoing social justice issue for decades. It is also a
The grand jury rulings in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases have sparked outrage across the U.S. as protests have broken
Last month, Reynoso was a lead sponsor of the Right to Know Act, which would require NYPD officers to identify themselves