eric garner protests

The Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a march demanding federal charges.
I do not think that such celebrities or their fans should think that wearing a shirt or putting one's hands up are enough to support a movement. We should not be that impressed with these gestures as they should be viewed as no more than initial steps.
It is only when we go outside that comfort zone, and subject ourselves to the discomfort of considering thoughts we don't
"Last week I announced that I would seriously consider running for the vacant Congressional seat in the 11th Congressional
A lawyer from the activist group By Any Means Necessary predicted the district attorney wouldn't pursue charges against such
Although the scene was captured on video by a bystander, a Staten Island grand jury decided on Dec. 3 not to indict the police
Following the tragic killings of two NYPD officers this weekend by gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, O'Reilly "could not stay silent
"While you are on your shopping spree, black people cannot breathe," they chanted. Bloomington Police said that there had
Growing up, I learned of how my grandmother taught in segregated schools and my mother attended them, prior to witnessing the race riots that accompanied integration. Though they were before my time, these events, and the role my family played in them, have shaped me.