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Trump is angry his son's girlfriend is capitalizing on family connections to back controversial GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens in Missouri, Politico reports.
Eric Greitens resigned in 2018 amid allegations of sexual misconduct and campaign finance violations. He's now back, labeling himself a “fierce defender” of Trump.
The Republican governor's resignation comes just weeks after the allegations of sexual abuse first became public.
The Missouri governor’s lawyers accuse St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner of misconduct in the felony case.
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner took the action after the defense requested to put her on the stand.
The ad was supposed to help Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson.
The governor's battles with other Republican state officials just keep getting worse.
Greitens has been embroiled in several scandals, including accusations of sexual misconduct.
Greitens may have unlawfully used a nonprofit's donor list to raise money.
Rep. Ann Wagner, a Republican, joins a chorus of Missouri politicians speaking out against the governor in light of allegations of sexual misconduct.
Matt Fuller unpacks how his true legacy is Donald Trump.
A state House report says that the hairdresser accused Eric Greitens of coercing her into oral sex and slapping her.
The governor has been accused of sexual misconduct and blackmail involving a hairdresser.
The governor had earlier been accused of trying to blackmail a woman with nude photos.
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens strongly denies the abuse claims, through his lawyer.
A woman says now-Gov. Eric Greitens took a naked photo of her during a consensual sexual encounter.
Eric Greitens, his wife and his lawyer released statements hours after he delivered his second State of the State address.
Marcellus Williams was scheduled to die by lethal injection for the killing of a woman during a 1998 robbery.