eric greitens

The "Late Show" host shows just how awful some GOP candidates are.
"The Daily Show" host is not a fan of the former president's latest endorsement.
Republicans breathe a sigh of relief with the victory of Eric Schmitt, who is seen as more electable.
Both Republicans have claimed the former president's endorsement.
The former Missouri governor has faced a series of scandals during this race.
Ken Harbaugh, an old friend of Eric Greitens, calls the Missouri Senate candidate "a broken man, who will do anything, including inciting violence, to regain power."
In a new campaign ad, a Missouri Senate candidate is holding a shotgun and urging his supporters to go “RINO hunting.”
Facebook removed a video by Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens that shows him brandishing a shotgun and declaring that he's hunting Republicans who go against the party.
Eric Greitens released a campaign ad that imagines gun-toting supporters bursting into the homes of his political opponents.
Critics said they reported the video featuring Donald Trump's son and Eric Greitens for its threatening content.