Eric Hanushek

Vocational apprenticeship programs are a key way to adjust to the constant flux of globalization and rapid technological change.
In the response from our global teacher bloggers to our September question, "What was your most challenging classroom and how did you turn it around?", a common theme ran through all anecdotes -- an openness to student experience that allows for a more understanding, empathetic response to student's problems.
"Chinese parents and grandparents tend to invest their last renminbi into the education of their children, their future. In
Eric Hanushek, another Stanford University professor on the commission, said he was glad the report wasn't just about money
Students Matter's wholesale assault on the laws contrasts with fact-specific, narrowly tailored lawsuits brought by attorneys
Think of how the divisiveness in education would decrease if we borrowed from the Bill of Rights and adopted a code of ethics declaring, "No stakes shall be attached to standardized tests without the consent of the student or educator."
So if principals matter, it would be worthwhile to understand what highly expert and effective principals do that matters so much. Are they good at hiring and keeping strong teachers?
Education bureaucrats who worked with pieces of paper can claim innocence due to their lack of knowledge of poor schools, but a decade ago educators predicted precisely how and why NCLB would backfire.
According to Hanushek's analysis, the panel's thorough examination of multiple studies is not evident in its conclusions
This week's debate between Eric Hanushek and Diane Ravitch exemplifies the tendency of true believers in data-driven policies to refuse to communicate with educators.
Korea, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and the Netherlands all performed at a rate higher than 50 percent proficient
"We accept the concept that 40 percent of a teacher's evaluation can reflect student growth. We're saying 20 percent of that
The question still remains: In what backwards universe could adults allow this deplorable situation to fester?
Imagine running a business with tenured employees who only need to demonstrate "competence." What would your workplace climate feel like? What kind of product would you produce?
His research brings up a huge concern, no matter your take on educational policy and reform; emphasizing the necessity for