eric harris

The shooting, captured on video, was one in a series that raised questions of racial bias in U.S. policing.
He will serve the maximum of four years in prison.
The grand jury also recommended he be removed from office.
The irony is that since Roof lived, he was arrested and extradited back to South Carolina, a state that has capital punishment
Eric Harris’ autopsy results show he had meth in his system when he was shot and killed by a volunteer deputy last month.
'Why?' It's the most useful one word sentence in the English language. It's how we begin the search for causes, for understanding, for truth. We have to figure out why something happened before we can figure out how to make change going forward.
Sheriff Stanley Glanz announced Albin's resignation today at a County Board of Commissioners meeting. Tulsa World reports
Bad police tactics can lead to bad shootings. Poor planing and a lack of communication between partner officers can lead to excessive force or even deadly force. An inability to empathize and relate to the community served can also lead to devaluation of a human life.
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JUSTIN JUOZAPAVICIUS, Associated Press TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A civil rights group says the release of video showing an undercover