Eric Harris shooting

The shooting, captured on video, was one in a series that raised questions of racial bias in U.S. policing.
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"For the first time today, we feel like someone's starting to look at the other side of this as far as his qualifications
The Sheriff's Office denied that documents were falsified or that supervisors were reassigned because they wouldn't sign
How long can we expect to see new reports and videos of unarmed black men being shot by police in incidents all across the country? Aspects of two of the most recent shootings in Tulsa, Okla. and North Charleston, S.C., suggest some answers to the question, and the answers do not bode well.
Bates was charged with manslaughter on Monday, but Tulsa World reporter Jarrel Wade told HuffPost Live that many reserve
In addition to his recent string of tweets, last year Williams questioned the media’s coverage of the Michael Brown case
Tulsa police released a video on Friday of a sheriff's deputy fatally shooting a suspect he says he meant to taser. In the
"The reserve deputy was attempting to use less lethal force, believing he was utilizing a Taser, when he inadvertently discharged