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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) advised embattled Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday to consider resigning amid controversies
After his involvement in a host of controversies in recent weeks, Attorney General Eric Holder may not last another year
"It is often the practice in cases where you have investigations that you target somebody for the purpose of gathering information
A couple of factual points need to be made. First, the off-the-record session with Attorney General Eric Holder is not a
What will likely happen here is a classic and most absurd game: Attendees at the meeting — both media reps and Justice Department
A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday found that 44 percent of registered voters surveyed consider the IRS scandal
The New York Times and Associated Press said Wednesday that they will not attend a meeting this week between Attorney General Eric Holder and the Washington bureau chiefs of several media outlets to discuss guidelines for journalists in leak investigations.
Journalists would argue that the issue is not about simply refusing to meet with Holder, but that the government shouldn't
DOJ Fox News Phone Records Filing Over the past week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has deflected specific questions
The Committee to Protect Journalists condemned the Obama administration's media investigations on two fronts on Tuesday. The
"Leaks related to national security can put people at risk, they can put men and women in uniform that I've sent into the
The media claims an unfettered right to communicate with "confidential sources" in the government who are providing them with classified information. The media calls them whistle blowers. But there is another word for these individuals -- criminals.
“In a hypothetical situation, we’re gonna go after and subpoena hundreds of phone lines, phone records for journalists. Does
Holder's defense didn't sit well with the Times editorial board. In a Wednesday editorial, Times editors blasted the AP records
"You think about some of our most precious freedoms, the First Amendment right to free speech. Think about if you're a reporter
"I'm not going to stop talking now," Holder interrupted. "You have characterized something as something.. " "You didn't want
In a press briefing Tuesday, Holder noted that he had recused himself from that leak investigation. In an interview with
The point isn't to have one, it's to make it quickly and efficiently and then pin it on the president. To exploit a scandal for scandal's sake. Because scandals are the only way to shrink our deficit, improve our financial outlook, and allow the Dow to set all sorts of records.
"I don't know what has happened in this matter." "I was not the person involved in that decision," he told Bob Goodlatte