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"The solution is clear. Instead of taxpayers spending millions of dollars on this unnecessary enforcement and keeping folks
He released the so-called "torture memos," but didn't go after their authors He became the first-ever cabinet member to be
Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, along with heroin and LSD. Schedule
"We'll see how it works in Washington, D.C.," Holder, a District resident, said. WASHINGTON -- A Republican-led House subcommittee
Asked about his own personal history with marijuana, Holder told HuffPost he used pot in college and had characterized it
"We'd be more than glad to work with Congress if there is a desire to look at and reexamine how the drug is scheduled, as
The Department of Justice declined to send a representative to appear before the subcommittee, Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) said
"Schedule I recognizes no medical use, disregarding both medical evidence and the laws of nearly half of the states that
U.S. treasury and law enforcement agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis remains classified an illegal narcotic under federal law, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday.
"You don't want just huge amounts of cash in these places," Holder told the audience at the University of Virginia. "They