Eric Idle

The National Republican Congressional Committee replaced lyrics about a cross-dressing lumberjack with something lame about taxes — without permission.
“I don’t know what you say to people like that.”
An envelope containing a “white, powdery” substance was delivered to the comedian’s home.
But they really want to cheer us up in this song-and-dance tweak of Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."
The comedy icon names the song he wants to be played at his own closing act.
The troupe that would become Monty Python and affect comedy as profoundly as the Beatles affected popular music, worked separately
"When you’re grinning like a lunatic, for people you don’t know..."
In 2006, we helped to create a successfully-settled class action suit against Verizon New Jersey as 10% of all SPECIAL ACCESS
Millions, if not billions, of folks are unaware of the fact that Sal Cataldi has forged a presence in their collective and individual conscious by way of his decidedly eccentric career at the helm of Cataldi Public Relations wherein he and his staff have shaped several award winning guerilla marketing campaigns that defy convention.