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The cast members also shared what their characters would be up to in Season 2 of the NBC revival.
Series star Eric McCormack definitely wants it to happen.
"I know we are going to push the boundaries because there is no fun if you don‘t."
Here are just some of the best moments from the original "Will & Grace," which earned a whopping 83 Emmy nominations during its 8-year run.
New poll reveals overwhelming majority of Canadians agree shelter dogs shouldn't be sold to laboratories.
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week so let's get to work on rewriting the script with a happier ending of a world with early detection, effective treatment, and open conversations about mental health.
"Will & Grace" is back! Sort of ... It has been years since the comedy series went off the air, but now "Will & Grace" is
For the first time in a year and half, Joan Ryan, and her four octave range, comes home to Los Angeles in a cabaret show that earned her the honor of Broadway World's Top Female Cabaret Artist of 2013.
Messing asserted that this was, in fact, "considered a good thing for the show." Years later it might seem inconceivable
The special will reportedly happen on the same sound stage at CBS where the show was filmed. Dates and details have not yet
It's a "Will & Grace" reunion ... without Will and Grace. Our two favorite salty sidekicks, Jack and Karen from the NBC classic
"Friends" co-stars Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) and Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) reunited in the recent premiere of "Hollywood
Actor Eric McCormack spoke at length about the long-lasting impact of "Will & Grace" in an appearance on HuffPost Live. Pointing
Eric McCormack joins Josh to discuss how he wound up starring on "Will & Grace" and how he initially auditioned for the role on Ross on "Friends".
Today is Canada Day! And Cobie Smulders (who plays ever the prideful Canadian Robin Scherbatsky on "How I Met Your Mother