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Nearly $340,000 went to a law firm defending him against allegations that he abused women, finance reports revealed.
Schneiderman said he didn’t consider the decision an exoneration.
Women are running for attorney general posts all over the country.
"Eric Schneiderman, you are trash and we do not need you."
A psychologist explains why men who advocate for women's rights can be abusive in their private lives.
WNYC has released an interview conducted last week that host Alec Baldwin says is now "difficult listening."
Men who strangle their partners are among the most dangerous abusers out there.
A bipartisan committee will look at successors for the state attorney general, who has resigned in disgrace. Its recommendations might not mean much, though.
A special prosecutor will look into claims that the former attorney general physically abused at least four women.
New York's former attorney general depended on powerful women to advance his career. He also allegedly abused them.
“It’s not about Eric Schneiderman. It is about a much larger movement to ensure accountability, and that is beyond the power of Eric Schneiderman to impugn.”
As New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman took on the Trump administration more than one hundred times and was a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement. Now, he’s resigned after allegations he beat and choked women.
The Morning Email: Four women accused the state's top law enforcer of physical abuse.
In one instance, the politician reportedly threatened a partner, “if you ever left me, I’d kill you.”
In a New Yorker article, four women accused Schneiderman of physical abuse, including slapping and choking them.
"Presidents have used this power sparingly, largely to do justice, rather than subvert it," Eric Schneiderman writes.