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Weird News
BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — One lucky groundhog might live to see another Groundhog Day thanks to authorities in eastern Pennsylvania
Photographer Eric Smith caught this image of a man looking at his phone as the whale surfaced at Redondo Beach, Calif., and
Did you know that a team of writers actually script every single NFL game, including the Super Bowl? Not only that, but Seattle
After a kickoff ended, Smith (No. 32) appears to knee Jordan in the back after the play was over, driving him face-first
THORNTON - Eric Smith now has a second letter to go with the one he originally received from the East York Villas Homeowners
THORNTON - Eric Smith says he's always been fascinated by the Gadsden flag. On a yellow background, the flag features a rattlesnake
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had to make a tough choice in filling a vacant slot on her state's Supreme Court: Appoint a woman