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Patrisse Khan-Cullors discusses the toll activism takes on mental health and how she copes with the pressure of fighting for racial equality in America.
A June 2017 meeting with Justice Department officials left Garner, who died in December, feeling frustrated.
When it comes to lifelong proof that one's words matches his intentions, it's evident that Bernie Sanders is the best choice to serve as the next president of the United States -- especially for African Americans.
“I believe Bernie Sanders is a protester," Erica Garner says.
"Black lives like my father’s should matter. That’s why I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders."
This is the first departmental charge of wrongdoing in Eric Garner's case.
We all know that I haven't gotten justice, but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to keep fighting for it. This struggle is much larger than me. We have seen our voting rights stripped right along with our humanity. And it is time that we join together to say, "Enough is enough. We want justice -- or else!"
The men and women of the world are once again disheartened to read yet another story about a black person being brutalized by the NYPD. We are also disheartened by the knee-jerk reaction from ivory tower police union bosses.
I saw drones and battle tanks; I could very well have been in a war zone. I guess, in a sense, I was. I was in a space where large groups of Black lives were gathered in a system that is designed to respond to Black lives with violence. I know that I speak for Ms. McSpadden and Mr. Brown Sr. when I tell you to never stop fighting, and that we are grateful.
Erica Garner likens #BlackLivesMatter to the civil rights struggle of the '50s and '60s.
Garner’s mother, widow and daughter attended a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event Monday at the National Action Network headquarters
In a video that eventually captured the world’s attention, a white NYPD officer named Daniel Pantaleo can be seen putting