Erik Wemple

Having a drink with White House officials won't keep civilization from breaking down. It's a little late for that.
Critics panned the former White House press secretary's memoir: "It is a bumbling effort at gaslighting Americans."
The numbers guru contrasted his site's "quality over quantity" approach with its competitor's.
In light of the revelations, Stephanopolous will no longer moderate one of the 2016 Republican debates as expected. New York
"Interviewing cast members of 'The Wire' -- it doesn't advance anything," he said. "Those people don't know Baltimore the
Politico and Washington Post editors discuss growing rift over coverage of Mike Allen and Playbook.
In an Tuesday night email to Calderone, Wemple responded: "Good job getting a response from Mike about my story. It's more
Media Matters for America (MMfA) has been called many things. "Liberal media propaganda outlet." "A "propagandist" organization
The independence that emboldens my journalism has also proved to be its greatest vulnerability, as the following episode illustrates.