Erin Burnett

Trump's citizenship and immigration chief followed up his earlier comments about the famous Emma Lazarus poem with a racist clarification.
"Infest is a loaded word throughout history."
"So, let’s get this straight, if you are an American ally and you criticize the president and the administration with being clumsy and inept, then you’re done."
The presidential hopeful said Hillary Clinton can still be a role model even if her husband is not.
"The Breakfast Club" radio show host called Trump "the most insecure man in America."
Joan Walsh chastised the president for insinuating that women are "here to make salads for men."
Santorum said it was "an honor even to be considered" for the role – then turned it down anyway.
She did not end the interview before asking the former Trump campaign aide if he had been drinking.
Vargas fired back at Trump's offensive comments toward Mexicans, telling Burnett that of the 33 million Mexicans in the U.S