Erin Burnett

The serial fabulist Republican promised he wasn't deflecting, then did just that.
The Ukrainian president told CNN that working out to rock music early in the morning “gives you energy for all the day.”
Ty Cobb, who served in the Trump White House, speculates on what could happen if the former president wins in 2024 but is in prison on Inauguration Day.
"CNN, y’all trippin’ now," said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) after anchor Erin Burnett asked if he had "regrets" over heckling the Republican.
"That, I will say, in my opinion, was a bit rude," Erin Burnett told Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas.
Laurence Tribe scoffed at the ex-president's arguments for keeping documents relating to the insurrection secret.
When asked about his father's legal troubles, the younger Giuliani offered deflections and conspiracies.
It's likely too late to stop this upcoming surge, warned Michael Osterholm.
"We have to have a backup plan in addition to vaccinating everybody as fast as we can," Dr. Larry Brilliant told CNN's Erin Burnett.
She said she was "sick of seeing the face of the man who massacred eight people," and blasted the idea that the shootings were not racially motivated.