Erin Burnett

“They can’t have it both ways," Laurence Tribe said.
The president has told the same untruth about the coronavirus "for months and months and months," noted the CNN anchor.
"The president is making it easier for the virus to spread in those states," CNN medical analyst Jonathan Reiner said.
"If there was a plan, we would have seen it by now," the CNN anchor told Tim Murtaugh of the president's still-unfulfilled promise of an Obamacare replacement.
CNN’s chief legal analyst also predicted another big problem the former White House chief strategist now may face.
“That’s just inappropriate," Dr. William Schaffner said of scenes from an event attended by the president in Texas.
"The president is holding a rally in a hot zone. That’s how you propagate the pandemic."
Trump's citizenship and immigration chief followed up his earlier comments about the famous Emma Lazarus poem with a racist clarification.
"Infest is a loaded word throughout history."