Erin Heatherton

Macy's - 151 West 34th Street It's the world's greatest department store - how can you not shop there for the best selection
Whether it's wearing the classic red lipstick or too much eye-shadow, some celebrities can either get it right or completely wrong when it comes to makeup. So HuffPost Style has selected this weeks favorite and not-so-favorite beauty looks.
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We have to admit, eyewear and Angel wings don't exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly. Think Erin's connection
Yep, that's lingerie model Erin Heatherton puffing on a cigarette on the way to a Body by Victoria's Secret launch party
Eat your heart out, Leonardo DiCaprio. His ex, Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton, is the cover gal for GQ Germany's
1. Erin Heatherton's personal style is "granny grunge." That apparently consists of denim and floral prints and... we're
You'll never guess what Erin Heatherton would be doing if she weren't an Angel...
"I guess it's the best time right now, you know?" Heatherton told E! News. "I'm here at the Victoria's Secret show, I couldn't
Erin Heatherton wore a sheer skirt... but her date definitely didn't mind.