Erin Moran

The California-born actress is best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the 1970s sitcom “Happy Days."
Then: Richie was the All-American boy on the show. With his ginger locks, freckled mug and “aww shucks” demeanor, the letterman
Arias told the website, she believes Moran -- who is currently broke, homeless and living like a recluse -- will need major
The two words that I live by are tenacity and gratitude. Tenacity gets you where you want to go. Because if you have a dream, if you know that you are supposed to -- or can -- accomplish something, there is more than one route to get there. And it's your tenacity that's going to help you find the proper avenue.
Most recently, Moran appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2008, but has had few acting gigs since the 1980s, when she appeared
Celebrities who become homeless are an extreme version of the warning that "it could happen to anyone." Yes, homelessness could happen to you or me.
Several locals "had seen [Moran] at local bars, just kind of hanging with the locals. No big deal," reporter/photographer