Ernest Hemingway

Many of the 140 bearded men competing attempt to copy the “Papa” persona and appearance adopted by Hemingway in his later years.
Certain works by Ernest Hemingway, Louis Armstrong and Laurel and Hardy can also legally be shared, performed, or sampled without permission or cost.
Jon Auvil triumphed Saturday night over 124 other contestants for the title.
One legend says Ernest Hemingway coined the cocktail's name when he drank the boozy beverage while muttering, "bloody Mary" about a woman he was dating at the time.
The three-night competition, which had been scheduled for July 23-25, typically attracts more than 100 burly, bearded contestants from around the world.
"A Room on the Garden Side" has been little known beyond the scholarly community.
After hunkering down in their Key West home, the six- and seven-toed creatures are safe and sound.