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No surprise: Their job plans couldn't be more different.
Perceptual maps are based on how consumers view brand personalities, but this method doesn't require any new market research. Instead, it's simply a way to visualize and refine your current understanding of your market.
Newt Gingrich Would Like To Live On The Moon - watch more funny videos Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, Newt Gingrich's
Stuffed and Unstrung would seem to be a born of the same zeitgeist that brought us Avenue Q; our desire to titter at the incongruity of naughty and innocent.
I would pay good money to see the faces of the teenage girls who had no idea Justin Timberlake's arm was wrapped around them
What's raining down at present is government red ink, directly related to weak oversight over our financial system and a weak response to America's extravagant use of energy.