erotic art

Hinduism considers sex to be only between husband and wife. Premarital sex is considered a sin. It was very strictly prohibited
Because the female gaze never goes out of style.
The policing, sexualizing and editing of women's bodies is more complex than a hashtag can ever convey.
The art is inspired by a cheeky door proposal for a Manhattan apartment building back in 1972.
Meet Camilla Engstrom, the artist behind her royal highness — the Clit Queen.
Like it or not, Playboy is an institution that has altered the way society at large views sex.
Zoe Ligon, a sex educator based in Detroit, wants you to feel uncomfortable.
Let's talk about sex (and art) (and the relationship between them), baby!
Her eclectic mix of '60s psychedelic color, re-imagined vintage Disney imagery and creepy revamping of Max Fleischer's charming cartoon-like characters is used for political critiques of capitalist greed.
Meet Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, also known as the "King of Lesser Lands."