"Bernie could now lose the nomination because of this lie," said Sandernista Frank Hastings of San Francisco and an Internet
For example, Ms. K. said to me, "If they like my sculpture, I fear I'll ultimately disappoint them with my next piece." 3
If you can't fix an error before you arrive, the best time to say something is at the moment you notice it. Too many travelers wait until they're home to speak up, and by then, the company's options for redemption are limited.
I was stunned to learn that your political editors have not only decided to relegate all future coverage of Donald Trump's
HuffPost Senior Polling Editor, Mark Blumenthal, explains what happens after people cast their votes.
A French rail company makes an expensive mistake when they ordered 2,000 trains that were too wide for the platforms.
Should we really have to deal with these super-complex rules that the airline industry throws in our way? We shouldn't have to absorb pages of complex information in order to fly with a little class. The fix is pretty simple. It is equal parts reform and disclosure.
"If that isn't stealing," she said, "then I don't know what is."
Lauren's case isn't easy for this consumer advocate. She knowingly stole from a business that has, in the past, mistreated her. Is that ever justified?
But the prosecutors are not presenting anything, they are "standing mute" in protest of the novel idea that the evidence
Just as we want our success to be the result of skill, not luck, we prefer to be the victims of conspiracy rather than chance.