escaped prisoners

Redoine Faid, who escaped prison using a hijacked helicopter, was arrested in his hometown north of Paris.
Redoine Faid, who was serving time for armed robbery and murder, previously escaped in 2013 using dynamite.
The escapees were imprisoned on charges including robbery, attempted murder and domestic violence.
A tip from an observant woman led police to the location of the escaped inmates who had been on the run for more than a week.
  Authorities had offered $200,000 in rewards for information leading to their recapture. Tieu had been held on a $1 million
Nooshafarian is one of about 10 people arrested in connection with the escape during the past two days, Hallock said. Nayeri
The Lexington complex has accounted for almost half of the state's jailbreaks in recent years.
Two prisoners face additional charges after the phony weapon was discovered inside a cell.
Night had fallen at the Clinton Correctional Facility when the prison guards came for Patrick Alexander. They handcuffed
A person as drunk as Matt is likely to suffer loss of balance and muscle control, vomiting and dangerously impaired judgment.