Escondido, California

Emily and Jeremy Smith say the California-based burger joint has always been their favorite date night location.
Spanish language teachers at a San Diego-area high school posed in stereotypical sombreros and mustaches.
No injuries were reported at the Islamic Center of Escondido, police said.
January. The outskirts of Philadelphia. 23 degrees. It’s hard to imagine anyone buying Rita’s Italian ice. But Argosy did
If there's a luxury we Southern Californians love as much as fine dining, it's traveling. My latest journey took me to a burgeoning arts district in the oft-overlook hub of rural north San Diego County -- Escondido.
The National Latino Peace Officers Association of San Diego County as well as many concerned residents have urged the audit committee to open Escondido's books that according to the Chief of Police and City Attorney are blank or don't exist. Isn't that reason enough to go looking?
Located in northeast San Diego County, the city of Escondido has a population of 145,000 and is 49 percent Latino and growing. In the past several years, the city council has enacted ordinances and legislation directly targeting the growing Latino and undocumented immigrant population.
ESCONDIDO, CA—Provoked by a presidential administration he believes is guilty of numerous transgressions, self-described