Comedian and stripper, Jacq the Stripper explains how strippers can be feminists too and why sex workers may feel left out of the Me Too movement.
This type of escort service blurs the line between prostitution and companionship. It also exposes women the physical and
Suzy Favor Hamilton says a dramatic misdiagnosis led her to become a Vegas escort.
This website has been seized pursuant to a Promoting Prostitution investigation conducted by the King County Sheriff's Office
Disability and sex work is never openly discussed. We need to start asking: how does it feel to pay for sex or sexual pleasure, not necessarily because you have the capital or even the desire to, but because you feel you may have no other choice?
The story of how a single site brought politicians to their knees, gave sexy young men a place to cruise and the legality of the worlds oldest profession.
If this is the "Stonewall" of sex work, let it not be the aftermath of Stonewall where a privileged minority colonizes and benefits off the work of society's "others."