Comedian and stripper, Jacq the Stripper explains how strippers can be feminists too and why sex workers may feel left out of the Me Too movement.
The largest online sugar website called Seeking Arraignments, helps connect people for a "no strings attached" relationships
Suzy Favor Hamilton says a dramatic misdiagnosis led her to become a Vegas escort.
According to a press release from Sex Workers Outreach Project, The Review Board functioned as a free advertising platform
Disability and sex work is never openly discussed. We need to start asking: how does it feel to pay for sex or sexual pleasure, not necessarily because you have the capital or even the desire to, but because you feel you may have no other choice?
The story of how a single site brought politicians to their knees, gave sexy young men a place to cruise and the legality of the worlds oldest profession.
If this is the "Stonewall" of sex work, let it not be the aftermath of Stonewall where a privileged minority colonizes and benefits off the work of society's "others."
Viktor isn't just a trans man, he's a trans gay male escort. It's a whole extra layer of stigma to deal with, and one that Viktor handles with aplomb.
When reality set in, Rudy pulled out a rolodex of contacts we could hit up in the city, but the trick was finding someone
In September, however, he and Tichelman's lives took a dark turn. On Sept. 6, a drunken Tichelman called police, saying Riopelle
Hosted by Emmy Award-winning actor Leslie Jordan and co-produced by Black Party Expo, a yearly festival celebrating gay erotic
About a year ago, I Twitter-met Tyler, a man who works as an escort. Our tweets became texts and then eventually sexts. But the "sex" part of our sexting was just one part of what was really going on.
The chain's attorney, Andrew William Bray, was not immediately available for comment, nor was a spokesman for Craigslist
When people do recognize escorting as prostitution, they believe it's somehow safer than street level prostitution. It isn't. Far from it.
Mesa County Sheriff's Office investigators conducted two searches of the man's home, but the warrants remain sealed and charges
The picture was recently discovered by police on a Las Vegas-based escort website. Other sites ran stories suggesting Nichols
The Las Vegas Courtesan, an anonymous online sensation here, is everything she claims to be: blonde, young, very attractive and a real-life escort. She told me everything I wanted to know about living in Vegas and working as an escort.