"You go to an event and there’s just a bunch of models they’ve flown in."
Although he's an exhibitionist at heart, Adrian is still a business man with bills to pay.
In September 2010 and March 2013, Easy Rent Systems Inc. --'s registered name on public record -- applied to the United States Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services for an H-1B non-immigrant working Visa on behalf of Soto Decker.
Sex in the 20th Century post-same-sex marriage world is way too often treated as if it has no material consequences, on the heels of a generation that paid for it in mortal ones.
Sex workers shouldn't be forced to live in the shadows, facing violence alone and without access to the basic health and human services those in non-criminalized professions take for granted.
A sound rises in me, a roar that sounds like no, no, no. Flashes of soulless, transactional sex assault me but I refuse to look at them. I stare straight ahead, not blinking, not breathing.
The Hookies provides an opportunity for male escorts to come together and fight the stigma associated with escorting. They are helping instill a feeling of self-worth and community in what can at times be a lonely and isolating profession.
Just to be sure, this reporter asked her where to find a prostitute. Answer: “I found 10 escorts. Eight of them are fairly
Model and recent Columbia University psychology graduate, Carolyn Giles, 30, is suing Volvo, Hertz and her modeling company
On Sunday night's episode she finally decided to come clean and admit to everyone else that her marriage was over. So, in
It's Friday, and you know what the means -- a new Poll Position and another chance to sound off on a controversial topic
Shelby's idea is not as innovative as it might seem. In fact, a similar ad was posted to an escort Website in December 2007
As a community organizer who values the progressive voice of Westword, I personally encourage parent company the Village Voice to be more discriminating in accepting ads for massage and escort services.
The business of high-end prostitution has been in the news quite a bit lately, partially because it's suffering along with
The complaint filed in the Emperors Club escort bust, which apparently nabbed Eliot Spitzer, casts a rare spotlight on the