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Schools are under federal pressure to translate for immigrant families. Here's how one of America's poorest school districts is trying to find a solution.
The 40-page guidance makes it clear that schools must have systems in place to identify students who may be in need of ELL
Those girls were like me. They had good grades before coming to the United States. They came from caring families who supervised their every step and expected them to do well in school.
Those working on developing assessments for the Common Core will have to decide what kind of accommodations to allow for
City Year is not about a magic potion to cure all of our students' problems in a night. Instead it is about showing up everyday to the schools, believing in our students and working tirelessly to help them succeed.
Every year in New York State, there's an entire week in January devoted to giving Regents exams. Kids can study, prepare, and take tests, or if they're really lucky, get a week off. This year things are different.
Riviera isn't alone in her strategy. Teachers across the country, like Rafe Esquith -- profiled earlier this month in a HuffPost