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Sadly, when it comes to transracial adoption, there are such things as stupid questions. Please don’t ask us “Where did you
According to Ultan Conlon... “‘The Golden Sands’ is the story of a man escaping the rut of his everyday existence, even if
This Labor Day Weekend, Detroit will host its 35th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival, and it will celebrate jazz, jazz artists, and Detroit.
2014-01-24-weeklingsgrammys2014small.pngI forecast what'll happen with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. Yikes.
Grammy-award winning performer Esperanza Spalding is set on shutting down Guantanamo Bay. Along with a panel of activists
Being armed with a complementary version of oneself seems wise and self-sufficient. But female artists and performers are more inclined to allow an alter ego to embrace them. Is it that the community is not supporting them in the right way or do we just expect more from our women, more for our female dollar?
The Smithsonian Institution, driven by rapidly developing technologies, shifting demographics and changing cultural participation patterns, is looking for innovative and even ingenious ways to do its work through the Smithsonian Ingenuity Awards.
That is the question posed by one of the musicians in Judy Chaikin's illuminating and joyful new documentary The Girls in the Band, and one of the best lines in the film pointing up the challenges faced by female jazz musicians in the 30's, as well as today.
Check out our picks of things to do in Denver this week: At the Tattered Cover Tom Mauser, the father of Daniel Mauser--who